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domingo, 11 de novembro de 2012

I don't believe

I don't believe in any sort of supreme power from above which will reward me If I am good or punish me if I misbehave. I believe in me, for I am totally responsible for everything that happens to my life. If I work, I will make money; if I save it, I can buy my goods; if I take good care of myself, I might live longer and if I live longer I will see more of this world. To my mind, no blessings will come to me if I don't fight for what I want. If I pray every night that's fine to my soul, it will help me believe that I am not alone, but the truth is that I am and if I don't take the responsibility for my own destiny nothing will change in my life.

I also believe that each one of us carry the seed of good and evil. Some people choose to be good, or are simply born this way, some others choose to be bad, or they are simply born this way, too.
Evil is not in Hell or Hades, the same way angels are not up there beyond the clouds, they are all right here, crossing streets, driving cars, paying hookers, saving lives, killing people. We are all the real angels and demons.

After spending twenty-eight years in this world, listening to crazy stories, being defined, judged, flattered, humiliated, deceived, loved and mistreated, I think I have enough reasons not to believe in words anymore.
Words are by far the human's greatest invention, also the most powerful weapon. Stronger than an atomic bomb and a lot more precise than a GPS guided missil, words can destroy a person and change this one person for the rest of his/her life. Words will leave scars that time may ease, but never heal.
With words we can rule a nation, we can make people believe in the craziest stories, we can make people die and kill, we can destroy dreams and banish hopes without pulling any trigger, but by just moving our tongues and lips.
Words are human's greatest invention, I have no doubt about that.

I think I've seen and had enough of this life. I saw and felt sorrow, pain, sadness, I made people cry, I made them worry about me and I know that we may even laugh about that in the future, but the tears they and I cried were true. I don't want these things to happen again, the same way I don't want to live these bad and heavy feelings again, but I would risk and face all that again if I had just a slight chance to be happy, for I believe that the path that leads us to happiness is always worth, no matter how hard it can be.

I've had enough, but as long as I believe in a better future nothing will stop me from chasing my dreams, not even the human race and it's endless ability to destroy itself.

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