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quinta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2010

Untold witchtale

On a night on the twenty-seventh of April of nineteen eight-four a baby boy was born, he was not chubby but he was just as cute as one. On that day a witch stood beside him and looking deep into his eyes full of shine and hope she said: “One day I’ll make the bright of your eyes fade away and you will feel as miserable as I do.”

The parents of the kid couldn’t see the witch but she was there and she kept observing the little boy as he grew up. On a Christmas on the year when the boy turned seven the witch decided to give the first try to her horrible plan to take away the bright of his eyes, she came down at night while the boy was sleeping and appeared to him disguised as a fairy not make him feel afraid of her. She came flying with thin wings and wearing a beautiful dress, she came to the boy and said: “At the middle of the night wake up little boy and you will see the truth. There’s no Santa Claus at all, it’s just your daddy!”

The little boy didn’t believe and thought to himself: “This can’t be true, Santa comes to me every year on the twenty-fifth of December, she must be lying”. The boy woke up at the middle of the night and to his surprise he saw his daddy setting a gift underneath the Christmas tree. The boy felt shocked to discover that Santa was just a tale, but inside he didn’t care, it was even better to get presents from his daddy because he was his super-hero at the time.

The witch thought: “For bats’ wings, that boy didn’t give attention to this truth! Anyway, I have other horrible ones for him and if he doesn’t care I’ll create horrible lies as well.”

The witch went on with her plan but whenever the boy discovered something wasn’t real he simply didn’t care, he had more things to spend his time with then crying because of some silly children’s stories.

The boy grew up and was about to reach his teens and at this age the witch saw one more opportunity to take the bright of the boy’s eyes away. She came to him once more at night, sat close to her bed and near his face she said: “I’ll cover your face with the mask of ugliness and no girl will ever look at you until you double the age you are now.”

At that time the little boy was eleven and a half and the spell of the witch came true, he spent other eleven and a half years facing loneliness every single day of his life. Even though this feeling of loneliness was killing the boy inside, he bravely faced his days alone and kept on having a bright shine on his eyes.

On the year when he turned twenty-three the witch came once more to his life and said to him again: “Since I still see your eyes shining I’ll give you a gift, actually an evil in disguise. I’ll give you a blonde tiny girl for you to love and once you are deeply in love with her I’ll make her forsake you.”

The girl appeared in the boy’s life and after eight months of a superficial relationship the girl left him. The witch was laughing and feeling happy hoping that she would finally get the boy’s eyes’ shine, however the boy didn’t really love the girl and his bright eyes kept on shining.

Feeling very angry, the witch didn’t know what to do anymore and she felt like this until the day when another girl crossed the boy’s way. This one wasn’t a gift from the witch though, this one was special, heaven sent to the boy to make his eyes shine even brighter. The witch appeared to the boy again and said: “You are way too brave and strong to surrender to my spells, nothing I do can bring you down, but this time I’ll put so many doubts in her head that she will see you with eyes of black and white and when you are deeply in love with her she will forsake you.”

One year and five months passed and the boy thought things were going nice, but in the seventeenth month of the relationship things started to go wrong and the couple didn’t celebrate this date, the same happened on the following month and when they were about to complete one year and eight months together the relationship came to an end. The boy felt destroyed at the day, miserable inside, broken into pieces that couldn’t be mended, he felt so sad that even sadness felt pity of him.

From down below the witch stared at the boy’s eyes while the bright shine on them was slowly giving room to dark shadows. After a couple of minutes the shadows covered his eyes and that was the moment when the witch felt her plan had finally come true, close to the boy again she said: “Poor boy you are, you defeated me many times but I always knew one day you’d fall down on your knees, now pray for the angels from up above to give you bright new eyes because the shine of those ones are mine now. Let’s see if you are brave enough to believe in something when everything you believed was taken away from you.”

Heaven Corporation

Dear CEO of Heaven Corporation

My name is Rafael Assis and I started to pay more attention to your book at the beginning of 2009 and since then my life changed a lot. I left my old job and got a new one, later I left this one and get two others and now I am also about to leave one of them. I have one job left and it seems like it’s a great opportunity for me to grow in a short period of time. However, I was told that if I behaved well and followed your rules I would get a prize and I believed in that. I behaved fine, I tried to give more attention to my family and serve people whenever I had time. I gave more attention to love even though my heart was broken and I believed in it too because I was told that where there's love we can find you there, they said you live in every people's heart and so I listened to my heart. I gave attention to love even when everyone around me was paying attention to this evil called money. I talked straight to you every night before I go to bed on your hot line and I believe I got some of your answers in my dreams, but I got no prize at all. I followed my heart because I believed you were there but where are you now? I wonder where you were when I shed tears, when I lived in the house of pain and sorrow, when in return to my tender and sweet words I heard tough ones who felt like arrows thrown towards my heart, when I asked you for an answer and you told me to follow my heart. I followed my heart and see now what I've got! Is it what you had planned for me? I have many doubts on my head now and it seems like no matter how well I treat and how much love I give the ones you put on my way sooner or later the forsake me. Tell me, am I too wrong to believe in this feeling that you call love? Are people too retarded not to see the wonders of it? I mean, all I want now is to keep on following you and your book of instructions but it's getting hard because what I most want you seem not to give me and no matter how much tenderly I treat some people they simply leave me. Maybe you think it's not the right time yet or maybe I am not the kind of person who deserves this magic feeling called love. Anyway, I am just writing this letter to let you know that I feel broken, a little bit miserable and also losing the faith in your corporation because sometimes I think you are not giving enough attention to me. I don’t understand how you can let a person like me who does everything for love face such misery! If all of these things are tests I have got to tell you that I am fed up with them! Haven’t I already proved you how much brave and courageous I am? I believed in things that nobody did just because I did what you told me to do, to follow my heart, if that is not enough for you too see how much loyal to you I am so I have no idea about what to do to get my prize. These were my last words and I’m sorry if my letter is not as well organized as it should be, but I am not able to care about patterns right now. I am waiting for your reply.

Best regards,
Rafael Assis